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Diagnostic equipment

The Mining Sector Diagnostic (MSD) is a diagnostic tool that is used to comprehensively assess how a country’s mining sector is managed. The tool analyzes primary data (the country’s documented laws, rules and regulations) and interview data (from in-country interviews with stakeholders from government, industry, and civil society) to clearly identify the mining sector’s relative strengths and weaknesses. The results can be used by governments, World Bank teams, development partners and other stakeholders as a basis for policy dialogue leading to reforms and to identify areas of targeted support and assistance.

The MSD is a key tool used to support our mission to help developing countries build strong mining sectors that drive inclusive growth and reduce poverty. 

Hydraulic cylinders & accumulators

Discover an extensive range of standard hydraulic cylinders here at Approved Hydraulics, with a leading selection of high-quality products from trusted manufacturers Hydra Part.

You’ll find a wide selection of hydraulic rams that offer high performance in our stock. With the inclusion of a standard hydraulic cylinder, you’ll benefit from excellent stability and performance.

This superior functionality is down to the large cast rear nut towards the back of the piston. Rather than the standard Nyloc nut favoured by most manufacturers, we wrap this component with an additional wear band that increases the piston’s surface area length inside the hydraulic ram. These factors are what sets our hydraulic cylinders apart from most manufacturers.

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